Hypoglycaemia study
Clinical Trial

To study Hypoglycaemia

Status: Active

  We need you!




We would like to invite you to participate in a study

called Hypoglycaemia study


You can take part in the study if you are aged 40-70 years:


  1. Who has Type 2 diabetes mellitus not on insulin
  2. Do not have Ischemic Heart Disease, underactive thyroid or
  3. You had no episodes of very low blood sugars needing emergency ambulance management.


The Research would be based at the Diabetes Centre, Brocklehurst Building, Hull Royal Infirmary.

Should you like to contribute some of your time for a possible improvement in the lives and treatment of patients with diabetes, please contact the Diabetes research centre for more detailed information about the study.


Telephone number:  (01482) 675314 or 675387 or 675372

                      Dr. Ahmed Al-Qaissi, Lisa Baldwin

                                         Jip Parnwell




The study is seeking volunteers for the trial that meet one of the following criteria:

Male and Female 40 to 70 years old

  Contact to enquire

01482 675314, 01482 67538, 01482 675372