About Us

What we do

Our aim is to offer help and support to people who are effected by diabetes and provide advice for living with the long term health condition, especially to those at a high risk. We also wish to help the families, friends, carers and any others who may want to know more about diabetes. We hope to increase Diabetes and Related Health Problems Awareness, throughout Hull and District.

Who we are

Created in July 2002, our group is an independent, Hull based support group. It is led by local volunteers for people in Hull and its surrounding areas. We have a constitution which we abide to, including: Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, and Data Protection.

Our aims

We aim to promote Diabetes and Related Health Problems Awareness throughout Hull. We provide verbal information and support, informational leaflets and local meeting groups which detail the possible health problems associated with Diabetes.


Working closely with Hull and East Yorkshire NHS trust, and both Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire CCGs, we hope to promote a healthier lifestyle throughout Hull and District.


We offer many social outings for group members and their families, taking into consideration members who may struggle financially and people with disabilities. We also provide subsidized Christmas meals for members who may not have the opportunity to eat outside of their home during the year.


Reaching out and helping people raise their awareness of diabetes can create a positive life-style change. We can create a healthier Hull and District, and reduce pressure on the over-stretched NHS.

Hull and District Diabetes Support Group at Hull Paragon Station


Through fundraising, we aim to create printing materials, promotional literature, postage etc.

If there are any groups, companies or societies etc., who would like us to go to them with a Diabetes and Related Health Problems Awareness presentation, please contact us.

Meet the organisers

Pauline Mathers


Lionel Curtis

Lionel Curtis


Ronald Phillips